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if your going to make a status aimed at something i said about someone, at least have the guts to either put my name in it, or come to me about it instead of doing it behind my back, just shows how much of a coward you all are… if you knew how bitchy you all were you’d probably be surprised how nasty you are to everyone,see someone walk past and their you are calling them ugly or fat or something nasty that would hurt them,one day your all going to meet someone/people that are going to treat you how you treat them,and i bet you wont like it. 

i remember that not so long ago i had all the friends i could ever ask for, had it going great,everything was running smoothly, then i meet the perfect, most beautiful girl in the world, then all of a sudden, only a hand full of them are left with me, then they expect me to mess up my relationship for them and when i refuse to they also don’t want to know me…why do i have to mess my relationship up with the girl i love , just to have my friends, i know people say ‘friends are more important’ but they cant be my mates if they would be happy to see me in pieces. you can all go fuck your self’s, im happy with her, non of your business, don’t like the fact that im happy, piss off.

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